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$750 / 3 months


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User Licenses
10 Content Creators
2 System Administrators
Unlimited Examinees

It is important to us that we help
as many people as possible gain
access to online testing.

Usage Levels
(see below)
30 Concurrent Test Sessions
500 Tests Administered per Month

  Please let us know if you
require higher usage levels.

Item Types
Multiple Choice
Short Answer
Jumble Activities
Drop Down Lists

  Additional Item Types
Oral Response
Essay Question
File Response
Math Response
Interview Items

Value Added Features
Build Custom Questions
Upload Audio, Video, and Images
Group and Randomize by Section
Webcam Session Monitoring
Safe Exam Browser (SEB) Assignment Key
Real-time Test Session Progress Monitoring
Response and Results Reporting
Results Publishing

  Value Added Features
The OWL Test Management System
offers many more advanced
features and options such as: 
Automatic Notifications
Customized Dynamic Feedback
Remote Proctoring, and more.
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Training Resources
Getting Started Guide
OWL Tutorials
Help Documentation Library
Web-based Training

  Training Resources
Custom Training Programs
are available.





Usage Definitions

"Concurrent Test Sessions" are the number of your test takers engaged in any of your OWL activities at a given point in time.

"Tests Administered per Month" are the the total number of online exams completed by your test takers during the month.

We set limits so that everyone has a good testing experience. What happens when the limits are reached? We understand very well that an exceptionally busy day or month may occur from time to time.  If reached, we will let you know. We will tolerate some additional testing over the limit before verifying and/or getting in touch. If the limits are broken too often, we will just kindly ask you to upgrade. Simple as that.