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Results Viewer

  • Results Viewers can be added to an assignment
  • For the results to be visible to the Results Viewer they must be finalized.
  • Results can be viewed on the Results page in the browser by going to the Assessment Menu >> Results
  • A Results Report can be run for export to a csv file.

 Results Page

results viewer page 

Column Definitions

  • Assignment - Name of the Assignment
  • Examinee Name - First Name and Last Name of the Test Taker
  • Examinee Username - OWL username of the examinee, typically their email address
  • Language - Target Language the Assignment is evaluating
  • Score - Numerical Score of the examinee's response
  • Rating - The scale that was used to evaluate the response and the level that was assigned
  • Test Completed - The date and time the response was submitted
  • Rating Completed - The date and time the assessment was committed
  • Assignment Tracking # - The unique OWL tracking number of the assignment
  • Examinee Tracking # - The unique OWL tracking number of the test taker

Running the Test Level Results Report

  1. Go to the Reporting Menu >> Reports
  2. Click on the Results Report to Launch
  3. In the popup box select the Assignment(s) for the Report
  4. Select the Date Range of the responses and/or the assessments (optional)
  5. Click Run

    run results report

  6. To download the csv file, go to the Reporting Menu >> Report Jobs
  7. Click on the desired download link