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Types of Users

Users within a domain can have access to certain functions within the OWL Test Management System by assigning them to a “Group.” This is done by the System Administrator of the OWL domain when creating an OWL User Id. More than one "Group" can be selected for a given user.

 OWL User Group Chart

System Admin (Landing Page: OWL Home Page)
The System Administrator is responsible for managing the OWL Test Management System within the user's organization. There is typically one (or as few as possible) System Administrator(s) for a given domain.

  • Complete access to all menu options and capabilities for the domain
  • Determine organization of domain and appropriate roles for new users
  • Ongoing training of new users (i.e., content creators, test administrators, proctors and raters)
  • Complete access to edit/copy/delete all content created by any user within the domain
  • Create/delete users and classes
  • The main point of contact with the OWL Hosting Team

Instructor (Landing Page: OWL Home Page)
An OWL Instructor is responsible for coordinating the activities of their class(es). They can create OWL online content such as Assignments, Tests, Sections, or Items. Instructors need to be assigned to the class by the System Administrator. The functions available to OWL Instructors are listed below. Please note some options are only available at premium subscription levels.

  • Admin | Classes (view), Users
  • Building | Complete Access
  • Testing | Manage Assignments , Monitor Testing
  • Assessment | Assessment List , Assessment Requests, Manage Assessment Requests
  • Reporting | Complete Access
  • Tools | Content Imports, Content Exports, Content Copies, Examinee Portfolios, Browser Check, Browser Info
  • System | Monitoring

Rater (Landing Page: Blind Assessment Home Screen)
This user is responsible for manually Performing an Rating on tests that contain human rated items such as oral response, essay or translation. Raters will need to be designated as a rater on the assignment by the System Administrator.

  • Assessment | Start Blind Assessments , My Assessments
    NOTE: Raters can only see their own assessments.

Student (Landing Page: Launch Directly to the Current Assignment; or
Current Assignments List Page if there is more than one open assignment)
Test Taker or Examinee

  • Testing | My Current Assignments , My Completed Assignments
  • Tools | Browser Check, Browser Info

Proctor (Landing Page: Test Monitoring List Page)
Users within this group assignment are responsible for monitoring ongoing testing. The proctor can resume, accept, or reset ongoing testing.

  • Testing | Monitor Testing

Test Admin (Landing Page: Testing Monitor)
Test Administrators can be added to an assignment to give them the permissions of the instructor on an assignment, plus the ability to create users if necessary.

  • Admin | Users
  • Testing | Manage Assignments, Monitor Testing
  • Assessment |Assessment List , Admin: Responses, Assessment Monitor, Assessment Requests
  • Reporting | Complete Access


Results Viewer (Landing Page: Results View)
Results Viewers can be added to an assignment so that they can view the finalized results for their assignments. They can do this in the browser and download a results report. Results Viewer Help Page


PLEASE NOTE: Certain other group settings have been created for specific domains. If you have questions about a user group that is not described above, please direct your inquiry to the OWL System Administrator within your organization.