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Admin / Assessment Monitor

By setting the "Blind Assessments" count when Creating an Assignment, the OWL TMS will automatically generate blind assessment requests for the raters on that assignment's roster.

  • The Assessment Monitor shows the status of assessment requests and completed assessments for each response. 
  • Each row on this page represents a potential or completed response to an Assignment (i.e., a testing session)
  • This page can be used to manually request a response be placed into the blind rating pool.
  • To find the page, go to Assessments >> Admin menu >> Assessment Monitor

Assessment Monitor

  • You must first select the assignment you wish to view using the drop down menu at the top-right.
  • To request a new blind assessment, select the response with the checkbox.
    NOTE: Only completed sessions will have an associated checkbox
  • Click the button for a Primary or Secondary Assessment
  • Select from the eligible raters that appear in the dialogue box, and click OK

More Info About How Blind Ratings are Allocated

  • Each rater will only get one opportunity to perform a blind rating on a given response.
  • Suppose a rater has completed a blind rating of a specific test response, if you use then the assessment monitor to request an assessment from [Any Rater] that rater will not get the blind assessment request
  • If you request that rater specifically (from the drop down as in step 4 above), then the WILL receive the response to rate a second time.
  • If you delete the assessment, the response will be placed back into the blind rating pool {see Assessment Request Page} and it will be available to the same rater (or other raters) to rate again


Field Definitions

  • Examine - First and Last name of every examinee assigned the activity (even those who have not yet started). Clicking on the user's name will open an information page
  • Examinee ID - OWL Tracking number of each examinee on the assignment's roster
  • Testing Status (In progress, Not Started, Completed) - If "In progress" or "Completed", the tracking number will appear.
  • Assessments Completed - Number of assessments that have been completed for that response
  • Primary Assessments Remaining - Number of requests for a primary rating that remain in the blind pool
  • Secondary Assessments Remaining - Number of requests for a secondary rating that remain in the blind pool
  • Rater - (Status | Score/Total | Assessment Tracking#) - The column displays the assessment status and rating. Clicking on the tracking number will open the assessment in review mode. One column is displayed for every user that has rated at least one student for the selected assignment. For tests with auto rated items, there will be a column labeled "System User."