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The Assessment Request List displays all assignments that have been completed by an examinee but still need to be assessed by a rater.

There is one row for each request. For example, if the Primary Blind Assessment Count = "3" when creating the assignment; then each student's response will be automatically listed on this page 3 times, once for each assessment request.

 Assessment Request List

  1. To find the page, go to Assessments >> Admin menu >> Assessment Requests
  2. You can delete an assessment request from the pool by selecting it using the checkbox on the left
  3. Then click the Delete button
  4. Please use caution, if you use the checkbox in the header, you will select/delete all requests from the pool
  5. If you need to resubmit a request to the blind rating pool, go to the Assessment List Page or the Assessment Monitor


Field Definitions

  • Tracking # - Every assessment on the Assessment Request List has a unique tracking number.
  • Assignment - The name of the OWL assignment connected to the response
  • Student - Name of the student who responded
  • Type - Indicates if this is a request for a primary or secondary rating
  • Rater Spec - Name of the OWL rater that is specifically requested to assess to the response. [ANY RATER] will be listed if no specific rater is requested.
  • Rater - Name of the OWL rater who performed (or started) the assessment. This column will be blank if the assessment has not started.
  • In Use - (True/False) indicates if the response is actively being assessed.
  • Completed - (True/False) the response assessment has been completed by an assigned Rater
  • Finalized - (True/False) indicates if a final score/rating has been rendered for the examinee's response.
  • Assigned - Date/Time the response was placed into the pool to be assessed.
  • Started - Date/Time the assessment was started
  • Completed - Date/Time the assessment was committed
  • Assessment Tracking # - Unique tracking number of the assessment
  • Response Tracking # - Unique tracking number of the examinee's response
  • Assignment Tracking #- Unique tracking number of the assignment
  • Owner - The OWL user (usually instructor) who created the original assignment