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Admin / Responses

The Response List page displays all assignments that have been started by an examinee. Responses can be rated or reset directly from this page.

Resetting an Assignment is PERMANENT. The examinee's response will be erased and none of their responses will be saved.

 Responses Page

  1. Go to Assessment menu >> Admin >> Responses
  2. To reset a response, select the response using the checkbox for the individual response
    Please use caution, if you use the checkbox in the header, you will select/delete all requests from the pool
  3. Click the Reset button at the top of the page.
  4. Use the Assess command to open the rating module in a new window.
  5. The command button will be displayed in light blue if the activity is in progress and therefore not available for rating.


Field Defintions

  • Response Tracking # - Unique number given by the OWL TMS to each response.
  • Assignment - Name the assignment was given when it was created.
  • Examinee - The specific OWL user (Last Name, First Name) who opened the Assignment
  • Status - The progress of the Response as it moves though the Assessment process.
    (e.g., Activity in progress, Ready to be rated, Rating completed, Re-rating completed)
  • Testing Started - the day/date the Assignment was started by the examinee.
  • Testing Completed - the day/date when the examinee finished their response.
  • Activity - name of the OWL Test.
  • Language - Language of the assignment.
  • Session Tracking # - The unique OWL tracking number of the response session.
  • Assignment Tracking # - The unique OWL tracking number of the assignment.
  • Examinee Tracking # - The unique OWL tracking number of the examinee.
  • Activity Tracking # - The unique OWL tracking number of the OWL Test.