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The response table is the second tier of the assessment list page.
Each row in the table represents an examinee response to the above assignment.

  1. To view the Assessment Table expand the parent Response using the expand control.
  2. The available Response Table Commands (see below) are shown in dark blue.
  3. If the command is prohibited, it will appear in light blue.


Assessment Table Commands (see 2 above)

  • View - view the Assessment the same way the examinee would see it.
  • Review - opens the rating module with a copy of the specified assessment. The original assessment is left untouched. The new copy is not saved unless you "commit" the new rating while you are in the OWL Rating Module. In this case, a new assessment will be generated (new row in the table) and the original will remain untouched.
  • Edit - Opens the specific assessment in the rating module. If you were not the originally the rater of the assessment, you will be set as the rater of record. Any changes made to the assessment will overwrite previous scores, comments, etc.
  • Include- Select the checkbox to include the Assessment in the finalization algorithm for the assignment. If an assessment is not eligible for inclusion, a "-" will appear in the box.
  • Finalize - Click this command to establish the particular assessment as the final rating (disregarding the finalization algorithm for the assignment)
  • Delete - Removes the assessment from the table


Field Definitions

  • Assessment Tracking # - Unique OWL number given  to the specific assessment.
  • Score - (if applicable) Numerical score given by the assessment.
  • Rating - (if applicable) The performance level given by the assessment
  • Auto-rated (Yes/No) - OWL has performed the auto-rating task for items with discrete responses.
  • Open (Yes/No) - The rating is in progress.
  • Final (Yes/No) - The Assessment is marked as the "final" assessment for the response.
  • Unratable (Yes/No) - The rater checked this box to indicate that they could not complete the assessment.
  • Technical Issues (Yes/No) - The rater checked this box while performing the assessment.
  • Rater - Name of the OWL user who performed the assessment. This field will read "User, System" for auto-rated and calculated assessments.
  • Rating Started - The date and time the rater began the performing the assessment
  • Rating Ended - The date and time the rater completed the assessment
  • Rater Tracking # - The OWL tracking number of the rater that completed the assessment. "-1" appears in this column for system processed assessments.
  • Request Tracking # - The OWL tracking number assigned when the request for assessment was placed into the blind rating pool.


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