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The response table is the second tier of the assessment list page. Each row in the table represents an examinee response to the above assignment.

  1. To view the response table expand the parent Assignment using the expand control.
  2. Select a specific response with it's check box.
  3. Perform any of the Top Level commands listed below.
  4. The available Response Table Commands (see below) are shown in dark blue.
  5. If the status (see field definitions) prohibits the command, it will appear in light blue.

Top Level Commands
(see 3 above)

  • Finalize/Unfinalize - When the response is finalized, OWL computes the examinee's final score for the assignment. One of several algorithms may be used to determine how a final rating/score is established. The finalization algorithm is determined when {Creating the Assignment}.

    NOTE: Assignments with Auto Scored only Tests will finalize automatically.

  • Publish/Unpublish - This makes a final rating available for the examinee to view in their {Completed Assignments}. An assignment must be finalized before it can be published.
  • Blind Rate - This adds completed assignments to a pool so that they may be rated in a blind fashion by any raters who are listed on the roster of the parent assignment.
    The current state of the blind pool can be viewed from the {Manage Assessment Requests} page.
  • Auto Rate - This forces completed assignments to be rated by the system. This is not generally necessary as  system rating happens automatically when an examinee finishes a test.

Response Table Commands (see 4 above)

  • View Final - View finalized assessment of the examinee's Response
  • Assess - Opens the rating module in a new window.
  • Input Data (premium feature) - Allows you to open the {External Item} interface.

Field Definitions

  • Session Tracking # - OWL tracking number associated with the examinee's enrollment in a given assignment.
  • Response Tracking # - OWL tracking number associated with the examinee's response.
  • Status - The progress of the Response as it moves though the Assessment process.
    • Processing - Displayed between two other statuses, indicates OWL is performing some function on the data.
    • Activity in progress - Examinee has started but not completed the assignment
    • Waiting for data - (premium feature) For tests with {External Items}
    • Ready to be rated - The Assignment has been completed by a examinee and auto-rating is complete, but no Assessments have commenced on the Response.
    • Rating in progress - The Response is currently being rated by a human rater.
    • Rating complete - The examinee's response has been rated, but not yet marked as final.
    • Re-rating in progress - The Response is currently being re-rated by a human rater.
    • Re-rating completed - The Response has been rated, and then re-rated. This Assessment is now complete, but the rating has not yet been marked as final.
    • Rating final - The Assessment is complete and marked as final. See top level commands.
  • Rating Published - (Yes/No) See top level commands for more information on (un)publishing a rating.
  • Examinee - The specific OWL user (Last Name, First Name) who opened the Assignment
  • Test Started - The date and time the examinee began the OWL Assignment
  • Test Ended - The date and time the examinee completed the OWL Assignment
  • Final Rating- If the rating is complete AND finalized, the numerical score is shown here.
  • Examinee Tracking - OWL tracking number of the test taker who completed the response.


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