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The Assessments List shows responses the OWL Rater has started or completed an assessment.

 My Assessments List Page

  1. To access the page go to the Assessment Menu >> My Assessments

  2. Review - This button opens the rating module with a copy of the specified assessment.
    The original assessment is left untouched.
    The new copy is not saved in any way unless you specifically save it in the rating module.
    In that case, a new assessment will be generated (new row in the table) and the original will remain untouched.

  3. Edit - This button opens the rating module with the specified assessment.
    If the assessment is not open, it will be opened.
    If you were not the originally the rater of the assessment, you will be set as the rater.
    Any changes made to the assessment will overwrite previous scores, comments, etc.

Field Definitions...

  • Assessment Tracking# - Every OWL assessment is given a unique tracking number
  • Assessment Start - Date and Time the Rater started the Assessment
  • Assessment End - Date and Time the Assignment was last completed
  • Assignment - the OWL Name of the of Assignment being evaluated
  • Rating - If available, this is the rating the response has received from the Rater. This may not be the final rating.
  • Open - (Yes) Assessment has been started but not yet committed. (No) Rating is committed.
  • Activity - The Name of the specific Activity/Test of the Assignment
  • Language - The target language of the Assignment



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