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OWL Testing Software Announces Spring Promotion

PITTSBURGH (09-Apr-2008) - OWL Testing Software, the proven solution for creating, administering, and rating oral, aural, reading and writing tests for academic, business and government markets announced today new promotions designed to help teachers meet end-of-year testing needs without breaking departmental budgets.

“We are pleased to announce a 3-month hosted trial license to any school, department chair, or teacher looking for a way to test 100 or more students in a foreign language,” said OWL Testing Software President and CEO, Mr. Chris Dalessandri. “Regardless of the final selection of features and options, the investment on a per student basis will be less than the price of an average high school or college-level textbook.”

Dalessandri went on to say, “This promotion is for schools who want to start making online language testing simpler and more effective but have limited funds left in a budget. We want to make it easy for them to immediately test a select group of students, like graduating seniors, and come away with the first-hand experience to decide whether or not to fund it more broadly for the future.”

“We are so convinced that teachers, students, and administrators will come to appreciate and depend upon OWL Testing Software’s ease-of-use, multimedia support, and testing capabilities for reading, writing, listening and speaking skills, that we want to make it easy for them to try it. We believe that once they do, they will want to keep using it after the 3-month trial,” said Greg Russak, OWL Testing Software Vice President of Sales. “What makes this promotion really exciting is that we are offering the software as a hosted service. It can be up and running in time for finals if schools act now.”

More information about the OWL Testing Software is available at www.owlts.com or by calling 412.573.6143.

About OWL Testing Software
OWL Testing Software is the leading provider of language test building software to academic, business, and government markets. Built as a web-based solution for test creation, administration, and management, OWL Testing Software is unique in its ability to create tests for all four communication skills – oral, aural, reading and writing. OWL Testing Software is available as licensed software and as a hosted solution to meet the needs of the largest and smallest schools, businesses, and government agencies concerned with enhancing the language learning process and outcomes. Please visit www.owlts.com or call 412.573.6143 for more information.