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OWL version 5.0

This software release represents a major upgrade and introduces innovations to the online test building, test delivery, and reporting modules of the system.
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OWL version 4.1

With OWL version 4.1 our developers have gone beyond introducing new features and improving functionality; they have launched a whole new way to build your tests.
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OWL version 4.0.3

With this latest version, OWL is migrating to a data warehouse storage and retrieval model. This model affords OWL users increased speed and flexibility and offers many reporting enhancements.
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OWL version 4.0

OWL version 4.0 provides users with an updated interface as well as many tools meant to help them easily navigate the software and build online tests with even greater efficiency.
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OWL version 3.8

With version 3.8, we have added enhanced file exchange and online security capabilities to help our users who create and administer online testing. OWL's new parsing report gives more advanced test creators one place to see all the system elements on their test.
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OWL version 3.7

OWL version 3.7 offers new features, like our new Translation Item, that can expand your language testing capabilities. And now, with OWL's Automatic Notifications and Student Self-Registration, you can have even more ways to communicate with your students.
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OWL version 3.6.10

This release helps users to improve the reliability of student response, improves the efficiency of online test administration, and improve the test authoring and editing functions.
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OWL version 3.6.9

OWL version offers enhancements for all users.
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OWL version 3.6

Highlights Include Support for Safari, Recording of Oral Comments and Feedback on Assessments, and Flash-Based Practice Activity Modules
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