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Accessibility Policy

OWL Testing Software Accessibility Policy

(Updated August 1, 2019)



OWL is committed to providing equal access to our products and website for people with disabilities. At OWL we recognize that accessibility applies to everyone, and everyone has the right to enjoy our online applications and services.


Accessibility issues with the owlts.com website can be addressed by filling in the form located at https://owlts.com/contact-owl/report-accessibility-issues. This form is designed to make it easy for anyone to report an accessibility problem on our site. Issues with the online OWL Enterprise Test Management System and its associated native applications can be reported via email to the OWLHostingTeam@owlts.com. We commit to promptly verify and correct any problems reported as soon as possible.


OWL conducts an annual accessibility audit of user interfaces via an outside auditing service.