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Berlitz is now Using OWL Testing Software


Pittsburgh, PA (PRWeb) 13 February 2013 – OWL Testing Software, a premier provider of test management systems, announced today that the global education company, Berlitz, and its language-testing division, Second Language Testing, Inc (SLTI), are using the OWL Test Management System. Berlitz recently purchased an OWL Test Management System site license to deliver English proficiency exams for one of their large customers, the government of Colombia. Through OWL, they are assessing the English-speaking capabilities of thousands of employment candidates who are bilingual speakers of English.

To date Berlitz has delivered more than 19,000 exams proctored in multiple locations on behalf of the Colombian government. Each test employs both multiple choice questions and oral response items to evaluate an examinee's ability to read, speak and listen to English. Because their language-testing division, SLTI, develops exams to fit the specific needs of each customer, Berlitz requires a flexible test management system to develop, deliver and evaluate the custom-built language proficiency exam. Furthermore, the system must be adaptable to meet the unique testing and proctoring requirements of the Colombian government. Some of the government's specifications include: a localized examinee interface (in this case Spanish), audio prompts in both the examinees' first language and the target language, the ability to deliver Simulated Oral Proficiency Interview (SOPI) items and the ability to incorporate specific directions items throughout the exam.

Testing center management is also critically important. Automated procedures and safeguards are required to facilitate test proctoring and ensure test integrity over thousands of test takers across multiple locations. For example, OWL auto registration is used to provide each candidate with a unique login id and password. Furthermore, each examinee is randomly presented with one of multiple unique testing forms and items within the selected forms were further shuffled. Using OWL's timing features, overall testing times are controlled and individual item response times are also carefully calibrated to deliver the assessment according to SLTI's detailed specifications.

According to Chris Dalessandri, OWL Testing Software CEO “We are excited about the success of this initial project with Berlitz and their affiliate, Dr. Charles Stansfield's company, SLTI. This project clearly demonstrates how easily the OWL Test Management System can be integrated into a testing company's business model as an affordable way to complete the assessment triad. In this case the three key players are: Berlitz, a company well-know for language learning; SLTI, a firm that specializes in psychometrics and assessment creation; and OWL, a premier provider of web-based test management.” Mr. Dalessandri continues, “OWL provides a test delivery platform that is not only flexible enough to build assessments in the manner recommended by the psychometricians, but is also automated and scalable to deliver that assessment consistently to thousands of examinees simultaneously and securely across multiple locations.”

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