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CLEAR at American University Using OWL Test Management System

PITTSBURGH, PA (September 2, 2015) OWL Testing Software, a premier provider of affordable Web-based computerized assessments, announced today that the Center for Language Exploration, Acquisition and Research (CLEAR) at American University has selected the OWL Test Management System. CLEAR promotes students’ acquisition of worldwide language skills and cultural competencies through programs such as language coaching and cultural events.

The CLEAR faculty will use the OWL Test Management System (TMS) to perform online assessments of language skills. OWL is part of a suite of tools available to help counsel students on proper class placement. The results of these online language assessments can also help students understand how they rate against their peers and may highlight the need for added instruction.

"It is especially gratifying that a preeminent language research institution like CLEAR has chosen the OWL Test Management System to be an arrow in their quiver of superior language assessment tools.” Says OWL Testing Software Founder and Managing Member, Chris Dalessandri. “We are proud that we have built a flexible, responsive and reliable test management system, and that it is the choice of many of the finest institutions in the world. We are delighted to include CLEAR among our distinguished users."

CLEAR is using the OWL TMS to build a their own computerized bank of custom language assessment tasks. These tasks can incorporate audio, video, images and text to evaluate a candidate’s reading, listening and speaking skills. The Center is also taking advantage of OWL’s multistage adaptive testing feature. CLEAR candidates will complete tasks that will vary in difficulty based upon their performance as the test progresses. Ultimately, OWL will deliver a proficiency level for the candidate that is determined using a multistage adaptive testing algorithm.

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