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COVID-19 Discount OWL Subscriptions Now Available

COVID-19 Discount OWL Subscriptions Now Available

Because the OWL Test Management System offers many features that people need during this time of social distancing and forced remote learning and testing, we have received a significant increase in new user requests. In order to accommodate the large volume of new users we are experiencing, OWL Testing Software has created affordable packages to help new users get up and running quickly. We hope these discount subscriptions will help during this difficult time.

These are three month discounted subscriptions that will be offered at three levels. There is a multiple choice only subscription for smaller testing volumes and a slightly larger plan that includes all auto-scored item types. Both of these plans include many of OWL’s value-added features such as: 

  • OWL’s custom content builder that includes text, audio, video or images
  • The ability to organize the content library into sections for grouping and randomization 
  • An assignment creator with options for Webcam Monitoring or a
  • A Safe Exam Browser (SEB) Key for kiosk-mode testings
  • Progress monitoring of testing in real-time
  • A reporting module to export responses and results
  • Control over results publishing for test takers to view

Thirdly, OWL will be offering discounts on custom plans for those organizations who require even more features.  And to help new users get up and running quickly, the OWL Training Team will be hosting weekly web-based training sessions and will make available a Getting Started Guide, OWL Tutorials and extensive library of OWL Help documentation. 


More Subscription Details:

Please visit this page for a detailed description of subscription features, volumes and pricing, as well as information on how to sign up today. (3 Month Subscription Page)




Photo by Diego PH on Unsplash