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Himagine Solutions is Now Using OWL Test Management System

PITTSBURGH, PA (September 23, 2015) Today, OWL Testing Software announced that Himagine Solutions is their newest commercial business user. OWL Testing Software is a premier provider of complete, Web-based test management including: building, delivering, rating, and reporting for online assessments. Himagine Solutions, a U.S.-based provider of outsourcing services to the healthcare industry, is using the OWL Test Management System (TMS) to develop and deliver pre-employment screening exams. Specifically, Himagine has rolled out examinations to test the skills and knowledge of certified medical coders. The outsourcing firm has used the OWL TMS to create coding assessments for various patient interactions such as inpatient/outpatient, diagnostic and emergency room scenarios.

"As a staffing firm in which candidate testing is of utmost importance, we went through an extensive search for an online testing solution that would meet our business needs." According to Angela Kelly, Manager of Training at Himagine Solutions, "We chose OWL because of its impressive versatility as well as its straight-forward functionality for the test user. The OWL team was top-notch in listening to our needs, assisting us with individualized content build, and providing excellent training to our team ahead of go-live."

OWL offers users a variety of flexible online test building and delivery features to facilitate candidate screening. Part of this flexibility is because the OWL TMS is completely Web-based, making it an ideal tool for global recruiting. Himagine worked with the OWL Training and Implementation Team to learn how to use the online test management system. They were quickly able to incorporate OWL into their current recruiting process. Himagine is employing such OWL features as: test randomization, automatic scoring and event-triggered automatic messaging. The Himagine team has also identified possible future uses for the OWL TMS in their recruiting efforts. For example, OWL digitally captures constructed responses. These responses can then be evaluated by recruiters online with the blind assessment feature of OWL’s integrated rating module. These features not only streamline, but also add anonymity to the way recruiters perform oral and/or written screenings.

"Himagine is one of many healthcare industry users who perform candidate screenings or certifications using the OWL TMS," says OWL Testing Software Managing Member Chris Dalessandri. "We have enjoyed working with the great team at Himagine Solutions. We always like collaborating with a new user — especially one like Himagine who is able to look beyond their current process to find opportunities for enhancements and creative solutions. It is rewarding to find ways that OWL can facilitate and streamline our users’ business processes."

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