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Image Enlargement Help Page (pop out)

You can allow your test takers to expand image prompts by opening them in a new window. This can apply to Directions, Section Headers, and/or Item Image Prompts. Users may find this feature ideal for tests that include images such as correspondence, comic strips or maps. (This feature cannot be applied to multiple choice selection options.)

1. Open the Properties Editor of the desired Target

Test Builder Properties Controls


 2. Enter the appropriate keyword into the Keywords Field as outlined in the table below.

Properties Editor
Targeted Images Affected

\sys:image_popup=yes\  Test All Images on the Test Directions, Section Headers, and All Items

  Section Targeted Section Headers, and All Items in that Section

  Item Targeted Items Only


3. Precise Application of this feature can be accomplished using these more specific keywords.

Properties Editor
Targeted Images Affected

\sys:test_image_popup=yes\ Test Test Directions Image Only

\sys:section_image_popup=yes\  Test Header Images on All Sections

  Section Specific Section Header Image

\sys:item_image_popup=yes\ Test All Items on the Test

  Section All Items on the Section

  Item Specific Items Only


4. Override the above settings to exclude a specific image by applying the following keywords:

  • \sys:section_image_popup=no\
  • \sys:item_image_popup=no\