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Understanding Instructor Access to Assignment Data

How it Works

OWL offers system administrators tremendous flexibility for controlling the level of access for users in their domain. This article will focus specifically on how administrators can control an instructor’s level of access to the test and student response data. OWL determines these permissions using two factors:

  1. Who Creates the Assignment? Both System Administrators and Instructors have permission to create OWL assignments.
    • System administrators can create assignments for ANY test in the domain, and they can put ANY student on an assignment roster.
    • OWL limits instructors to creating assignments for the tests they create (or copy) and the students in their classes. 

  2. What are the Instructor’s Roles and Roster Settings?When you give users a group you are providing them with permissions to access different functions within your OWL domain. You are telling the test management system to turn on additional menu options with each new role. This illustration shows an example. A user whose role is set only to “instructor” cannot perform blind assessments, so they do not have the “Start Blind Assessments” or “My Assessments“ functions found under the Assessment Menu. But perhaps you want your instructors to be raters for students in other classes. To accomplish this, you would give the instructors the added role of “rater” and add them to the rater rosters of the assignments for the other classes. This illustration demonstrates how a users group affects their access to OWL functions.


Instructor Assignment Access

This chart can help you decide how to set up the user permissions for your OWL domain. The examples of common applications below will help you better understand the chart.


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Example 1: High Stakes Testing (See line A)
Goal: Instructor has NO ACCESS to the Test or their student’s responses.

  1. Who Creates the Assignment? System Administrator
  2. What are the Instructor’s Roles and Roster Settings? None


Example 2: Practice Testing (See line C)
Goal: System Admin controls the content and assignment of a Practice Test. Instructors have access to the response and assessment data to provide instructive feedback, proctor testing, run reporting, add or remove students from the roster.

  1. Who Creates the Assignment? System Administrator
  2. What are the Instructor’s Roles and Roster Settings? Test Administrator


Example 3: Daily Classroom Activities (See line F)
Goal: Instructors use OWL to provide quizzes and ongoing assessments activities. 

  1. Who Creates the Assignment? Instructor
  2. What are the Instructor’s Roles and Roster Settings? None



As always, we recommend thoroughly testing user setup, test, and assignment before going live. OWL System Administrators should create sample users accounts with the permissions they are considering. Add those sample accounts to the assignment roster(s). Then login as that user and view the permissions to the assignment for rating, administering and reporting.


You can find more information about user group permissions here: OWL Types of Users Help Page .
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