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Latitude Aviation English Services is Now Using OWL Test Management System

PITTSBURGH, PA (April 2, 2014) OWL Testing Software, a premier provider of affordable Web-based computerized assessments, announced today their newest global business user. The U.K.-based professional training firm, Latitude Aviation English Services (Latitude), is using the OWL Test Management System (OWL TMS) to develop and deliver aviation English language testing services for their clients.

Latitude provides a full range of training and assessment products to corporate and governmental customers worldwide. With a team of language and aviation professionals, Latitude offers flexible services and develops customized language assessment programs with the specific purpose of evaluating aviation English. The company is currently populating the OWL TMS with content for an English language proficiency test for ab-initio pilots and air traffic control officers. Latitude plans to begin test trials in the spring of 2014.

According to Henry Emery, Managing Director of Latitude Aviation English Services “Having researched a wide range of online assessment tools, we chose OWL because it not only has incredible versatility, but it has a sophisticated functionality which addresses all of our exacting needs regarding test structure and management of test data and content. The OWL team is providing first class customer support and we look forward to working with OWL to take our new assessment products to the global aviation training industry.”

Latitude will use the OWL TMS to certify the reading, listening and speaking capabilities of aviation professionals such as pilots, air traffic controllers, maintenance personnel and cabin crew members. With the OWL TMS, they can use audio, video, images and text to create customized aviation-specific test items. Moreover, Latitude can combine and deliver multiple types of computerized assessment items (i.e., reading, listening and oral response) using the same system. Because the OWL TMS is Web-based and captures all responses and ratings digitally, examinees as well as Latitude’s test developers and raters can use the test management system from anywhere and at any time.

“We are happy to add another exceptional business to our ever-expanding list of customers,” says OWL Testing Software’s Managing Member Chris Dalessandri. “It has been a pleasure to work with Latitude as they demonstrate the flexibility of the OWL TMS by applying it to the aviation industry. As a fellow global business, it is particularly gratifying to help facilitate Latitude’s international strategy by providing them with a Web-based testing solution that is available regardless of location or time zone.”

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