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OWL Testing Software Announces Promotions in OWL Testing Software Announces Promotions in Support of National Foreign Language Week

PITTSBURGH (03-Mar-2008) - OWL Testing Software, the proven solution for creating, administering, and rating large scale oral proficiency tests for academia, business and government announced today promotions on its products and services as a demonstration of support for National Foreign Language Week.

“We’ve been helping teachers and students to more effectively teach and learn language skills for eight years,” said OWL Testing Software President and CEO Chris Dalessandri, “and we’re eager to show our support for the National Foreign Language Week with these month-long promotions.”

National Foreign Language Week is March 3-8, 2008. It was begun in 1957 by Alpha Mu Gamma, the National Collegiate Foreign Language Honor Society, and received its first presidential endorsement on December 12, 1956, by President Dwight D. Eisenhower.

“As an organization and as individuals, everyone at OWL Testing Software is committed to helping to improve the language teaching and learning experience by providing a web-based tool that makes the creation, administration, and rating of language skills easy,” said Greg Russak, Vice President of Sales for OWL Testing Software.

Russak went on to say, “It’s our hope that month-long promotions in support of National Foreign Language Week will encourage new customers to contact us, share their language education goals with us, and request a no-obligation demonstration of our unique and powerful test creator, OWL.”

The promotions are available on all of OWL’s products and services, and include special incentives on OWL’s new hosted service offering. More information is available at www.owlts.com or by calling 412.573.6143.

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OWL Testing Software is the leading provider of language test building software to academic, business, and government markets. Built as a web-based solution for test creation, administration, and management, OWL Testing Software is unique in its ability to create tests for all four communication skills – oral, aural, reading and writing. OWL Testing Software is available as licensed software and as a hosted solution to meet the needs of the largest and smallest schools, businesses, and government agencies concerned with enhancing the language learning process and outcomes. Please visit www.owlts.com or call 412.573.6143 for more information.