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New OWL Features Coming Soon!

New OWL Features Coming Soon!

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Discover Even More Options for Delivering International Online Assessments

At OWL Testing Software, we are continuously finding new and better ways to deliver online exams and language assessments. And our upcoming release will be no exception. Look for exciting new enhancements including two new item types and user interface localization in more than 20 languages.


Look for these OWL Testing Software Features

  • Test Reading, Listening, Writing and Speaking
  • Accept Examinee Project Files During Testing
  • Screen Candidates In Preferred Language
  • Archive and Evaluate Face-to-Face Interviews
  • Consolidate All Of Your Placement Testing in One Convenient Place


Want to know more?

  • As is our practice, all OWL System Administrators will receive an email with detailed release notes on new and enhanced features just as soon as they become available. 
  • If you are not an OWL user, CLICK HERE to request a personalized demonstration. Learn how can help you manage your assessment process.



Photo by Richard Lee on Unsplash