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New OWL Help Documentation

The OWL Training Team launched the new OWL Help Documentation system today. OWL customers have told us that, in addition to their startup training, our extensive video library, help documentation and training tutorials are important tools for integrating the OWL Test Management System into their organization. That is why we are so eager to be make those training resources even more accessible.

Check it out for yourself

See for yourself at: https://www.owlts.com/help/

What’s New

Landing Pages by User Type

Perhaps the most useful feature to OWL system administrators will be the new organization by user type. Now there are landing pages centered on OWL TMS user group permissions.

This means that OWL system administrators can provide their team members with a direct link to help documents and getting started guides just for them. For example, raters are shown how to perform an assessment; proctors are linked to the test monitoring and system check troubleshooting pages, and students are given instructions on launching their online activity and viewing their results.


New Grab-and-Go Checklists

We have responded to our users requests for more step-by-step guides. We have added a simple pre-test checklist for examinees, and a very detailed pre-launch checklist for content creators and system administrators. The latter is a way to make sure you or your content creators have considered all aspects of your particular assessment process and have it setup properly in the OWL Test Management System before you go live.


Even More Help Videos

Videos continue to be a favorite help aid of users, so we have added even more tutorials. Now there is a test monitoring video for test administrators, getting started and viewing your results videos for test takers; a using rosters video for test administrators. Why there is even a video on how to use the help documentation!

What's Even Better

Organized around the OWL TMS

The help documentation is still organized around the OWL TMS menus allowing seasoned users to go directly to the page or sub-directory they need. Categories have been added to further filter the list of help documents by user-type or function.

Better Search Keys

Behind the scenes, we have also added specific search keys to the help pages to provide more relevant search results for users unsure about how to find a function.


Expanded OWL TMS Help Menu

In addition to the help icon in the upper right of every OWL TMS page, users can also get to the online help documents using the drop-down Help menu. This menu has been updated and expanded to include direct links to documents, videos, samples and troubleshooting.


Updated and Expanded Content
We pride ourselves on our commitment to a well-documented test management system. This extensive process of migrating to a new documentation platform highlighted opportunities to make the documentation even more complete and concise.


Increasingly Agile

Now that we have moved the documentation management to a web-based platform, we can rapidly add documentation to respond to user inquiries. And we can make it available to all users on the fly, without having to wait for an OWL TMS software release.

What's Coming Soon

Increased Context Sensitivity

Speaking of releases, for the next OWL release, the pages will be linked to the most relevant help document. When you click on the help icon the most relevant help will be shown based on your position in the TMS. In the meantime, using the help icon at the top, right of any page will take you to the homepage of new online help documentation.

What Will Never Change

Our commitment to providing responsive service to our users is steadfast. We will continue to monitor your inquiries to the OWL Hosting Team and look for ways to further expand and improve the help documentation. If you are having trouble finding information on a certain feature, please let us know so we can steer you in the right direction and further improve our descriptive information and other search aids.

The OWL Training Team’s goal continues to be to give system administrators the tools they need to train their users both at startup and on a continuing basis. We know that not every organization adopts a new technology in the same way. That is why we continue to expand our suite of tools to help users make the most of their use of OWL Test Management System, and most importantly, their overall online assessment process. We think you will find the new OWL Help Documentation a valuable resource to achieving that end.