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OWL Testing Software Makes Language Tests Available for FREE

PITTSBURGH (21-May-2008) - OWL Testing Software, the proven solution for creating, administering, and rating oral, aural, reading and writing tests for academic, business, and government markets announced today that it is launching the “OWL Community Library” so that its customers can share test content with each other at no charge.

“This company was founded on the belief that learning a language brings people closer together, and that speaking to one another is what creates that most human of connections,” said OWL Testing Software President and CEO, Mr. Chris Dalessandri. “Learning a language requires effective and frequent practice and testing, especially when it comes to oral skills. We've always made online language testing and assessments easy and effective. Now we‟re making it free.”

Dalessandri went on to say, “Our customers share our beliefs, and they want to share the language tests they are developing with other OWL Testing Software schools. That's why I'm very proud to announce today the creation of the OWL Community Library, a means by which our customers can share their test content with one another.”

Today, the OWL Community Library offers practice activities, classroom tests and quizzes, and high stakes tests in Spanish, French, German, Japanese and Italian, with more content and more languages being added all the time. The high-stakes tests include simulated oral proficiency interview-type, also known as SOPI-type, tests used to assess speaking skills. Other content and tests are for reading, writing and listening skills.

“Ask any student why they study a language,” commented Greg Russak, OWL Testing Software Vice President of Sales, “and they‟ll tell you it's to learn to speak it. We want to give teachers every means possible to help those students to realize that goal. The OWL Community Library is just one more way that language teachers at every level can have a foundation of tests to start with, to build upon, and to customize, as well as a place for them to share their tests with their colleagues.”

More information about the OWL Community Library and OWL Testing Software is available at www.owlts.com or by calling 412.573.6143.

About OWL Testing Software
OWL Testing Software is the leading provider of language test building software to academic, business, and government markets. Built as a web-based solution for test creation, administration, and management, OWL Testing Software is unique in its ability to create tests for all four communication skills – oral, aural, reading and writing. OWL Testing Software is available as licensed software and as a hosted solution to meet the needs of the largest and smallest schools, businesses, and government agencies concerned with enhancing the language learning process and outcomes. Please visit www.owlts.com or call 412.573.6143 for more information.