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OWL Founder to speak at 2015 CALICO Conference

Because OWL goes beyond prepackaged solutions by creating a unique solution for each of its users, custom activities can be created to practice and test the most difficult to measure parts of language acquisition – speaking and cultural interaction. With OWL, language departments can have the features and controls needed to manage both the on-campus and distance assessment programs. No special software needs to be installed on the computers; each student uses a web browser to access the test from virtually anywhere in the world, no matter which language the student is learning. Likewise, the raters can rate the speech samples from any web-enabled computer, anywhere and at any time. This significantly reduces the complexity of delivering assessments and practice activities in a synchronous mode.

This session will demonstrate a variety of activities in all four communicative modes. Including both practice activities, tutorials, as well as high and low stakes assessments. Demonstrations will be in a variety of languages. This presentation will be interactive with time available for questions and demonstrations of specific techniques.

Topics covered will include:

Rubric Builder – Creating both analytic and holistic, as well as scored and unscored rubrics

Test Creation – A wide variety of item types, randomization and item banking

Activity Management – Scheduling testing, self registration and test security

Managing Rating – Blind ratings, managing multiple ratings and automating a percent of re-ratings

Rating Module – Use of written and spoken feedback

Reporting – Pivot, item analysis and grade-book reports

Integration – Single Sign On, Student Information System, grade-book

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