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OWL Tester Now Using HTML5

Dear OWL Customers,

The OWL team is happy to let you know that the OWL Tester no longer defaults to using a Java applet for playing and recording Audio files nor does it default to Flash for Video playback. 

When it is possible, the latest version of the OWL Tester is now using HTML5 for audio and video files.

Why We Are Doing This:
Because we know that Java and Flash have been points of difficulty for many of our users, especially those users who do not have complete control over the test-taking environment. Furthermore, this should make the OWL Test Management System fully functional on any tablet (Android, Windows or iPad) within the next few months.

System Requirements:
The new default behavor currently only works on systems that meet these requirements.

  • Firefox 29.0.1 or later

  • Windows 7 or later

  • Mac Users - We are still in the process of fully testing in the Mac environment. We expect this to function on newer versions of OSX using Firefox.

What You Need to Do:

  • If you are an OWL Hosted user and your systems meet the above requirements, you will see that OWL now only asks for permission to use the microphone and does not run the Java applet.

  • If your systems do not meet the minimum requirements, OWL Tester will continue to function as before, uing Java for recording and Flash for video.

  • If you are using an installed version, we will soon be asking for permission to update your server with the latest version of the OWL Test Management System.

Happy to serve you
for more than 15 years,
The OWL Hosting Team