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OWL Testing Software and Babowal & Associates Explore Strategic Partnership

Online Testing Platform Expands Capabilities of Leading Workforce Development Consultants

PITTSBURGH (31-Mar-2008) - Chris Dalessandri, President of OWL Testing Software, and Chris Babowal, President of Babowal & Associates, and announced their intention to explore a strategic partnership. Babowal & Associates, a leading workforce development firm with clients in the U.S. and abroad, has been developing validated English assessment tools since 1991 for use in a variety of business, industry and adult academic settings.

“Many businesses have multilingual and multicultural workforces,” says Ms. Babowal. “With OWL Testing Software, we will be able to accurately measure the communicative ability of the workers. The data we collect in the ‘Functional Language & Task Analysis™’ process provides the syllabus for the training and testing and is used against international English standards to develop performance standards and a quality control program for our clients. This collaboration with OWL Testing Software will not only help us provide a higher level of service to our current clients, but will help us expand our reach and accommodate the needs of many more businesses.”

“This partnership will expand OWL Testing Software’s reach into the corporate marketplace,” says Mr. Dalessandri. “OWL Testing Software has been providing the K-12 and higher education markets with proven online language testing and assessment solutions since 2001. We live in a world of global markets, heightened security, and 24x7 communication. Government agencies and businesses of every size and shape increasingly need people who can bridge the communication gaps of a changing world. With OWL Testing Software, Babowal & Associates will be able to certify the listening, reading, writing, and speaking abilities of workers, and that can translate into competitive advantages, improved performance and safety in the workplace, and a more secure society.”

About OWL Testing Software
OWL Testing Software is the leading provider of language test building software to academic, business, and government markets. Built as a web-based solution for test creation, administration, and management, OWL Testing Software is unique in its ability to create tests for all four communication skills – oral, aural, reading and writing. OWL Testing Software is available as licensed software and as a hosted solution to meet the needs of the largest and smallest schools, businesses, and government agencies concerned with enhancing the language learning process and outcomes. Please visit www.owlts.com or call 412.573.6143 for more information.

About Babowal & Associates
Babowal & Associates, Inc., (B&A), is a leading provider of American English communication and proficiency assessment tools used for individuals who use English for business or speak English as a Second (or Foreign Language) in academic, business and industrial settings throughout the world. The testing process, procedures and methodologies for the listening and speaking skills was developed by the Association of Recognized English Language Schools (ARELS) organization in 1962, and B&A was trained by ARELS and the University of Oxford England to become a provider of high risk language tests. The examinations (Assessments of Language Proficiency, ALP) are currently set at four levels: Pre-beginning, Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced. A Junior version of the Beginning level will be available by fall of 2008 for high school, adult education and technical college students participating in business and industry courses. Presently, the tests have a facility coefficient of over 91% and a correlation of scorer reliability of over 93%, which favorably compares with other similar tests.