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OWL to Present at EUROCALL

Internationally-Respected Conference Chooses Online Language Testing Software Presentation

PITTSBURGH, PA (17-Apr-2008) - OWL Testing Software, the proven solution for creating, administering, and rating oral, aural, reading and writing tests for academic, business, and government markets announced today that its President, Chris Dalessandri, has been selected as a presenter at the prestigious EUROCALL 2008 conference in Székesfehérvár, Hungary, an ancient city 65 kilometers southwest of Budapest. EUROCALL is the European Association for Computer Assisted Language Learning.

“We’re honored that the EUROCALL 2008 Programme Committee has selected us,” said Dalessandri. “Our acceptance for an Educational Showcase Demonstration confirms the importance of combining language skills assessments with sophisticated data collection in order to measure student and program success. That data also provides a feedback mechanism—we call it a testing lifecycle—that helps teachers to zero in on what parts of the curriculum and testing are working best and what areas need closer examination.”

Dalessandri went on to say, “I’m also very pleased that Dr. Thekla Fall, the former world languages curriculum supervisor for the Pittsburgh Public Schools and now a renowned language pedagogy consultant, will be presenting with me.”

Dr. Fall was equally enthusiastic, saying, “I am looking forward to this opportunity to present with Chris and share the success of online language proficiency testing with our colleagues from around the world.

EUROCALL is an extremely well-respected association of language teaching professionals. Their noble aim is to promote the use of foreign languages within Europe, as well as the research, development and use of technology for language learning. The recognition of this august organization is truly a testament to the value OWL Testing Software offers language teaching and learning.” EUROCALL 2008 is being held this year from September 3rd to the 6th and is being hosted by Kodolányi János University College. More information about the conference can be found at www.eurocall-languages.org.

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