OWL Blog

OWL version 3.6.9

OWL version offers enhancements for all users.

Improved Performance for Test Takers

  • Immediate Student Feedback for Enhanced Language Learning
  • Improved End User Performance
  • Aspect Ratio Integrity to Accommodate Widescreen/Laptop Monitors


Enhanced Features for Test Creators

  • Simplified Test Editing Interface
  • Advanced Copying Capabilities to Maximize Use of Pre-existing Content
  • Larger Image Format Options for Tests
  • Added Test and Section Timer Features
  • Simplified Audio Recording Interface and Improved Video Uploader
  • Enhanced Test Review Page


Increased Options for Test Raters

  • Simplified Auto Rating Capabilities
  • Improved Rating Administration
  • Test Kit Specific Average Scoring


More Capabilities for Test Administrators

  • Enhanced Report Saving and Sharing Functions
  • Department-level Administration
  • Role Assignments by Department