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OWL version 3.7

OWL version 3.7 offers new features, like our new Translation Item, that can expand your language testing capabilities.  And now, with OWL's Automatic Notifications and Student Self-Registration, you can have even more ways to communicate with your students.  Our goal is to empower our customers by continually providing better ways to build and expand the use of web-based technology in every aspect of language learning.

NEW Translation Task

  • Display longer amounts of text
  • Test takers can view translation responses in a larger frame

NEW Automatic Notifications & Customized Message Templates
Now you can improve communications with your students by creating customized message templates AND you can set up your OWL assignments to automatically generate messages, for example...

  • Notify the administrator when someone registers for a test
  • Email test raters when a test is ready to rate
  • Send a candidate/student an email allowing them to view their grade or rating

NEW Student Self Registration
Save valuable administrative time by allowing students to register themselves for a test. Great for...

  • Placement Tests
  • Self Assessments
  • Certification Exams

ENHANCED Test Authoring and Editing

  • Preview as a Student Mode - Allows you to verify your randomization and timing settings
  • Expanded Virtual Keyboard - Now supporting more than 200 different languages
  • Expanded Titles on Sections and Items