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OWL version 3.8

With OWL version 3.8, we have added enhanced file exchange and online security capabilities to help our users who create and administer online testing. OWL's new parsing report gives more advanced test creators one place to see all the system elements on their test. OWL version 3.8 also gives you even more tools to create an assessment environment tailored to the very specific characteristics of your testing population. We hope that our software will engage your test taker and enhance their overall assessment experience. For example, our new localization feature allows you to set your OWL test's user interface to appear in the first language of your test taker. Another new feature, OWL Flight Path, allows you to provide student-specific instructions at the end of their OWL test based upon their score or rating.

OWL Testing Software's newest version lets you provide individualized directions to each of your students on where to go next to improve their learning. With OWL Flight Path, you can give your student specific instructions at the end of their test based upon their score or rating. This differentiated dynamic feedback can direct your student to other tests, tutorials, websites, quizzes, classes registrations and more.

NEW Test Taker Localization
With OWL's localization feature you can set your test's user interface to appear in the test taker's first language. Localization is just one more way that OWL let's you provide a personalized testing experience tailored to the needs of your students. Currently available in French and German, OWL localization will soon be expanded to include Spanish, Japanese and other requested languages.

ENHANCED File Exchange
We want you to have one place to go for all your online testing needs. Pursuing that goal, we continue to enhance our software's ability to import your ready-built tests from an expanding list of content publishers. Migrating your existing test materials to OWL's Web-based platform has never been easier. Take advantage of OWL's Test Conversion Service and let our experts do the work for you or utilize our built-in import tools.

ENHANCED Internet Security
You can be confident of your security when using OWL Testing Software. OWL Hosted users now benefit from an added level of security. Users will see OWL's security certification in the address bar of any of the multiple internet browsers that OWL supports.