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OWL version 4.0.3

With this latest version, OWL is migrating to a data warehouse storage and retrieval model. This model affords OWL users increased speed and flexibility and offers many reporting enhancements.

Enhanced Reporting | Although the selection of OWL reports will not significantly change, many new features are available.

  • Variety - Users can select from a greater variety of reports including an individual question quality report.
  • Formatting - Reports will look better and will be formatted for easier printing.
  • Graphics - Users can access graphical data representation tools such as charts, graphs and tables.
  • Portability - OWL users will be able to move data to their favorite analysis or presentation graphics program like PowerPoint®.
  • Enhanced Analytics - Crosstabs and drill-down capabilities provide enhanced analytical capabilities.
  • Conditional Formatting - Better filtering and grouping will make it easier to examine a report's underlying data.


Data Warehouse | OWL has migrated to a data warehouse model for storage and retrieval. Although these improvements are under-the-hood, OWL users should experience even faster system performance.

  • Lightning Speed - A large amount of data can be extracted and synthesized in a surprisingly small amount of time.


Content Locking | Automatic content locking ensures testing integrity. Once testing has started in OWL, everything that comprises that activity will be locked by the system. In this way, users can be sure that their test items will not be changed while testing is in progress. OWL Tests, Sections and/or Items continue to be portable and reusable.

  • Testing Integrity - All students on a given assignment are sure to be presented with an identical activity.


Assignment Copying | Because many OWL users assign similar activities to multiple groups or repeat activities at different times, OWL now includes an Assignment Copying feature.

  • Time Saving - Assignment copying makes it easy to maintain OWL settings and notifications for reuse.


Enhanced Assessment | OWL's new assessment menu organization groups together administrative activities into one sub-menu.

  • Manage Raters - Manage all your rating activities from one convenient place.