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OWL version 5.1.4

OWL version 5.1.4 includes additional test building features, the ability to share and copy custom rubrics, and a new drop down item type for OWL beta test sites. If you are an OWL user, and are seeking further details on any of the changes summarized below, please visit the Current Release Notes page of your OWL Help Documentation.

Language Added to the Test Builder | This OWL release further bridges a gap between the Legacy Editor and the current OWL Test Builder. It is now easier for users to assign a “language” to target audio files as they are uploading them. This means that the procedure for uploading target language prompts has changed slightly. If you need more information on the understanding target audio prompts or uploading media, please watch either of these tutorials.

Video | Understanding Target Audio Prompts

Video | Uploading Media

New Message Template Variable | Now users can have the OWL TMS send a system event triggered email containing detailed information on an examinee's test question and answers. Below is a sample of such a message. Please note, some formatting is dependent on the way the OWL user creates their message and the email interface used by the recipient.

More Equipment Check Options | Now OWL test builders can have some control on how or if an equipment check is displayed. Requiring a system or equipment check remains the default AND recommended behavior. Additional options have been added for users who have complex requirements. This typically occurs because a user is linking together multiple tests using OWL’s Flight Path Feature.

Legacy Reporting and Saved Queries Deprecated | As of this release, all OWL reporting is exclusively using the OWL Data Warehouse. As such, legacy reporting and saved queries have been removed from default user profiles. If you are in need of a now deprecated report, please contact the OWL Hosting Team.

Rubric Copying, Sharing, and Locking | Rubrics can now be shared and copied in a manner similar to OWL Tests, Sections and Items. Rubrics also lock automatically once they are applied to an assigned activity. As with any instance in OWL shared content must be copied before editing.

Beta Testing Drop Down Item Type | A new item type that uses drop down options for completion is now available for testing on OWL Beta sites.

System Administration Enhancements

  • The Web service API has been updated with additional functionality.
  • Additional client-side logging events have been added.