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OWL version 5.1

This is a summary of the updates released with OWL version 5.1. This release includes changes to the Reporting, Rating and System Administration modules of the OWL Test Managment System. If you are an OWL user, and are seeking further details on any of the changes summarized below, please visit the Current Release Notes page of your OWL Help Documentation.

New Reporting | Two (2) additional response reports are being made available with OWL v 5.1. Users can find these reports by accessing the following menu: Reporting Menu - Reports then under the Response Reports section select one of the two new options:

  • Multiple Choice - Pivot - This report pivots response data to provide the response option that was selected on each item by the student. The information is displayed as one row per student. The items are displayed in the order built. The response option is indicated with it's number in the column under the item's name. If the student was not presented with a given item (due to randomization) a zero (0) is displayed
  • Item Responses - Pivot - This report pivots response data to provide every possible response option and indicates which option was selected or entered by the student. The information is displayed as one row per student. The items and options are displayed in the order built. If the student was not presented with a given item (due to randomization) zeros (0) are displayed for all possible options. This report can be a useful tool to evaluate the quality of your item distractors.

  • If you are evaluating more than one assignment using one of these reports the assignments MUST point to the same test or the reports will not work.
  • Both reports ensure uniqueness in Item naming by appending the Item Name with its location coordinates (Section Set, Section Number, Item Set, Item Number) For example: My Multiple Choice (1,1,1,1).
  • For both these reports, it may be helpful to build your items with the correct choice entered as the first option and "Shuffle Options" set to "Yes".

Legacy Reporting | Additional customized legacy reports have been migrated to the data warehouse reporting interface.

Building Interface Updates | The OWL Building interface has been augmented to include a place to assign "level". This can be accomplished by using the Level control in property editor. This control allows you to select the proficiency level of a question from the values in the drop down menu. This level is not visible to the test taker. By setting a Level, an OWL user can more easily access this item to build sections or tests in the future. In most cases, this menu is configured by the OWL System Administrator for a given domain (e.g., ACTFL, ILR, COE, user defined).

Rater Module Changes | With OWL v 5.1, adjustments have been made in the way the OWL Rater module displays a response based on the activity. This distinction is relevant for tests that are randomized.

System Administration Enhancements

  • Administrative Import Procedures - If you are an OWL System Administrator and have the following option on your Tools Menu (Tools|Import|Administrative), then this feature is turned on for your OWL domain. For more detailed information please visit the more detailed help page on Administrative Import Procedures that is available within the OWL Help Documentation.
  • Application Programming Interface (API) - With OWL 5.1, an API is being released for site licensed and platinum level hosted users. This will allow a secure way to trigger OWL events, such as adding or deleting users, from external systems. If you would like to learn more, please contact your OWL Sales representative, or send an email to info@owlts.com.
  • Services Procedures and Monitoring - Updates have been made to increase the frequency with which services are monitored and restarted. Additional monitoring tools have also been made available for users that maintain separate database an Web servers. OWL System Administrators can find these under the System menu|Service Status and System menu|Queue Status.