OWL Blog

OWL version 5.3


Partial Saving of Ratings | OWL Rater module now supports saving a rating prior to completion. 

  • To save a partial rating, click the Save button. You can then re-enter the rating and finish it at a later time.
  • To finish and record the rating, click the Commit button.

Item Score Aggregation | Item Scores on OWL Sections can now be aggregated using 1 of  these 4 operations: SUM (default), AVG, MIN, or MAX. To specify operation as a system keyword phrase on the relevant section

  • (e.g. \sys:item_score_aggregation=AVG\)


Assignment Finalization Choices | Selections for Finalization, located on the Advanced Tab of the Create Assignment Page, have been altered to give the following choices:

  1. Standard (formerly: 'Use Last Eligible Assessment') The score from the last (i.e., most recent) rating is used.
  2. Average (formerly: 'Average All Eligible Assessments') The final score will be calculated by averaging the scores of all eligible ratings.
  3. SPEAK (Speaking Proficiency English Assessment Kit) A finalization algorithm has been added for users delivering SPEAK test using the OWL TMS
  4. Custom - The ability to add hard-coded finalization algorithms for user-specific applications is now available as a premium feature.

Menu Icon Changes | Building Menu Icons have been updated or added  accommodate the growing list of available item types.

Administrative Import Page Links | Links have been added to the Administrative Import Page for users to see examples of how to properly structure their csv files for importing data to the OWL TMS. These example files will no longer be available in the OWL Help Documentation.

Response list Confirm Box Added | A confirmation box has been added to Assess Button on the Response List Page for responses whose ratings have been finalized. When a user attempts to Assess a finalized response they will be presented with the following message: "This testing session has been finalized.  By starting a new assessment, you will remove the final status.  Click OK if this what you want to do, otherwise click Cancel."

Assessment List Command Text | "Reopen" command has been renamed "Edit" under the Admin Menu  >> Assessments(Flat list) to match other locations in the OWL TMS.

Response List Status Text | Status messages in the Response List (found under the Admin menu) have been updated for consistency with other locations in the OWL TMS.

Practice Item Points | Practice items are now automatically set to 10 points. This is for informational purposes only. The points/score of a practice item does not factor into the points/score of any OWL Section or the overall OWL Test.