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OWL version 5.7

User Interface Migration
OWL has begun migrating to new design standards for the user interface. This is intended to enhance users' experience across all platforms including mobile devices and tablets. With OWL v. 5.7.0, the following screens have been updated:

  • Reporting Menu >> Reports
  • Blind Rating Interface
  • My Account Link (System Admins)

List Entry Delete Capability Added
Users can now delete entries from the following list pages:

  • Report Export List
  • Administrative Import Status List
  • Content Import Status List
  • Export List

Report Interface Improvements

  • Report Export function now automatically generates an export name based on the report criteria:
    (i.e., date range, assignments, etc.)
  • "Check All" box added to the select assignment drop down list.

Notification Improvements
Triggering events and recipient options have been refined in the Assignment Notifications builder. Read this help page for more details on (Assignment Notifications). Specific additions include:

  • "Rating Requested" added to event list
  • "Test Admin" added to recipient list

Target Languages Added
Additional target languages have been added throughout the OWL Test Management System.

  • Users will see more options in the drop down lists of the media uploader, test previewer, assignment creator, and the virtual keyboard interfaces.
  • It is no longer required to assign a user specific languages for them to see all the language options. (Assigning user languages is still available in the create/edit user interface for the convenience of System Administrators who like to sort their domain rosters in this manner.)

Other Enhancements

Help Documentation Updates

  • New Rater Video Tutorials2 new videos
  • Video Tutorials will now be accessed directly from (https://www.owlts.com/videos)change
  • Building Message Templatesupdated
    • Message Template Variablesupdated
    • Assignment Notificationsnew
    • Attaching Notifications to an Assignmentupdated