OWL Blog

OWL version 5.8

Create User Interface
The behavior of the language field in user interface has been changed to pre-select English and have selected languages appear at the top of the selection box.

Item Builder
Ability to determine case sensitivity for Cloze and Short Answer Item types has been added. This is a new setting in the properties editor. To set this property, click the properties control on the Cloze or Short Answer Item.

  • The default setting is "Yes"
  • When set to "No" the auto-rater will accept a test taker's response regardless of capitalization.
    (e.g. an item with a correct answer of "one" will be scored as correct
    if the test taker enters any variation such as: one, One, ONE, oNE, etc.)

Test Taker Interface
The spell check attribute has been turned off in Tester for the following item types that require the test taker to input text: Cloze, Short Answer, Essay and Translation

Message Template Builder
OWL Message Template Variables have been updated and additional variables are now available. Message Templates created previously will continue to function. OWL users should employ the updated variables when creating new templates.