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OWL version 6.0

OWL version 6.0 includes important under-the-hood upgrades to make the test management system more responsive and more scalable. This release also includes important changes to the user interface to make the OWL TMS more flexible and increase compatibility with mobile devices. While all OWL hosted users will have access to the upgraded system, changes to the user interface will be most apparent to System Administrators, Test Administrators and Instructors. We realize that changes to the interface can initially be uncomfortable for our users. However, we think that you will quickly become familiar with the the new layout and we hope that you will see the benefits of the new simplified interface.

Importantly, many aspects of the OWL TMS remain unchanged.

  • Test Editing - Building and editing content has NOT changed
  • Test Taking - How examinees complete their online test activities has NOT changed
  • Response Rating - The interface raters use to evaluate examinee responses has NOT changed.

Under the Hood
OWL version 6.0 will move to Microsoft Azure hosting technology. This will allow the  OWL TMS to take advantage of Azure’s scalable and responsive model. Additionally, this hosting architecture will allow OWL Testing Software to offer users outside of the United States the ability to designate the physical location of their content server.

User Interface Changes
In general the interface has been reformatted to make it easier to read. The formatting continues to move toward a layout that is mobile friendly.  A listing of the specific changes follows.

  • Colors - Brighter colors with greater contrast.
  • Menu bar - Reformatted with larger fonts, icons and buttons.
  • List Pages - Reformatted with larger text, icons and buttons. List page refresh button moved to the top left alongside other buttons. Action icons and clickable links moved to left side of list pages
  • OWL Home Screen - The calendar version of the OWL Home page is replaced with a system notification window. Users should now access/edit assignments using the Testing Menu by selecting the Manage Assignments or the My Current Assignments option.

Changes by Menu

Admin Menu

  • Editing interfaces have been reformatted to be a single column.
  • Check boxes have been replaced with drop down lists.
  • Save buttons have been moved to the bottom of the editing interface.

Building Menu

  • Overall appearance changes  to list pages as mentioned above.
  • Preview popup window simplified.
  • Quick preview option removed from Test, Section and Item editors.

Testing Menu

  • Roster Add/Remove button moved to bottom left.
  • Advanced Tab eliminated from assignment editor.
  • Assignment editor reformatted into a single column.
  • Check boxes replaced with drop down lists.
  • Save button moved to bottom of editor.

Assessment Menu

  • Overall appearance changes to list pages as mentioned above.

Reporting Menu

  • Report Jobs replaces Report Exports.
  • Download link moved to the left side of list.

System Menu

  • Overall appearance changes mentioned above.

Looking for more information?
Thank you in advance for your patience. Unfortunately it was not possible to release new help documentation simultaneously with this new release. We will work diligently to get the help system and videos updated to reflect the new interface in short order.  In the meantime, if you are having trouble navigating the new interface please send your inquiry to info@owlts.com. This email box which will be monitored closely for your OWL v. 6.0 related questions.