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OWL version 6.2

OWL v. 6.2.0 introduces many exciting new features including: Webcam Session Monitoring, Improved Math Rendering, Image Enlargement, Single Sign On, and Expanded Auto Registration. Continue reading to learn more about these features and other improvements.

Webcam Session Monitoring (new premium feature, assignment creators)
This is a premium feature that users may choose to add on to their subscription. It allows the assignment creator to monitor the test taker’s identification and physical environment during testing by employing the examinee's camera. Assignments can be set to require:

  • A snapshot of the Examinee’s ID
  • A snapshot of the Examinee’s Face
  • Random captures during the Test Session

Improved Math Rendering in OWL Tester (enhancement, all users)
If you are using a notation system like LaTex, MathML or AsciiMath to generate math or scientific equations you can paste that code into your OWL Test Items, including:

  • The Main Text Prompt of any OWL Item
  • The Individual Selection Options o a Multiple Choice Item
  • The Individual Jumble Item Elements

Image Enlargement (enhancement, all users)
Now you can allow your test takers to expand image prompts by opening them in a new window. This can apply to Directions, Section Headers, and/or Item Image Prompts. Users may find this feature ideal for tests that include images such as correspondence, comic strips or maps.

Please note, this feature cannot be applied to multiple choice selection options. Any OWL Hosted user can begin using this feature immediately by putting the following keyword on an element of their OWL Test: \sys:image_popup=yes\. If you would like to learn more about this feature please go to this more detailed help page: Image Enlargement Help Page

OWL TMS Login Page
(enhancement, all users)

  • Users will notice a change in the appearance of the OWL login screens.
  • There are different routines running when logging in and out of the OWL TMS.
  • There are no additional steps required on the part of our users.
  • It remains important that users completely close out of all browser tabs in between test sessions. This ensures that browser cookies are cleared. This precaution is particularly important for organizations that use the OWL TMS in a testing center or language lab environment.

External Login (premium feature)
Using Single Sign On (SSO) technology, OWL Hosted users may choose the additional feature of integrating with a school’s federated login system to confirm a student’s credentials.

OWL Username Displayed
(enhancement, all users)
The OWL Username is now displayed in the top right of every screen in the OWL TMS.
Please note, this change does not apply to OWL Tester.

Assessment List Page
(enhancement, all users except students)
There are now separate columns for “score” and “rating” in the Assessment Table of the Assessment List Page.

  • Rating now shows the level achieved if there is a Test level rubric applied, or if the test has a proficiency scale associated with its result.
  • Score will display the numerical score achieved if available

Registration Code Interface
(enhancement, all system administrators)
The registration code creation interface has been updated and enhanced to allow more flexibility in creating registration codes including:

  • Creating users with varying User Group Assignments, such as student, instructor, proctor, rater
  • Using a single code for multiple targets (i.e., to assign a user to multiple assignments and/or classes)

A video tutorial is available describing this feature in more detail: Creating Registration Codes Video

New Languages Added
(enhancement, all users)
The following languages have been added for those users who take advantage of OWL's target language feature:

Assyrian, Azerbaijani, Bulgarian, Cambodian, Cebuano, Chui, Fukinese/Taiwanese, Loa, Lebanese Arabic, Pashtu/Pushtu, Uzbek, Bambara, Cape Verdean, Edo, Fulani/Puular, Wolof, Croatian, Serbian

Looking for more information?
If you need more information or are interested in adding any of the premium features to your subscription, please contact us at please send your inquiry to OWLHostingTeam@owlts.com.