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OWL version 6.4.1

OWL version 6.4.1 includes various improvements to enhance overall system efficiency as well as the following updates.


Reporting (updates)
Certain reports have been updated to run in the updated hosting environment:

  • Class Gradebook Report - Runs in the browser and shows points scored on all assignments for a class.
  • Test Scores - Chart - Runs in the browser and displays the distribution of test scores by assignment.

Results Viewer
(new feature)
Results Viewers can be added to an assignment so that they can view the finalized results for their assignments. They can do this in the browser and download a results report.

Results Viewer Help Page

Welcome Screen
OWL Welcome screen has been updated to inform OWL System Administrators of new resources as they become available.

OWL Tester
OWL Tester Enhancements have been made to OWL Tester to allow it to run more efficiently in older browsers. This is the module of the OWL Test Management System that examinees use to complete their online tests.

Looking for more information?
If you need more information, please contact us at please send your inquiry to OWLHostingTeam@owlts.com.