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Save Time with OWL's Target Language Audio Feature

Users who employ the OWL Test Management System for the purpose of world language testing find the target audio language feature particularly powerful. It means that, for a particular proficiency level, they can create one SOPI-like assessment (simulated oral proficiency interview) to evaluate performance across multiple languages.

Assigning multiple target language audio prompts to each oral proficiency or SOPI item allows an organization to:

  • Save Valuable Test Building Time
  • Standardize Testing across Multiple World Languages
  • Gain Comparable Data to Evaluate Programs

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How Does It Work?
Each online question you create in the OWL Test Management System can have many target language audio files attached. By target language, we mean the language that the student is learning. So if your school has world language classes in let's say: Spanish, French, German, and Japanese; each of your test items would have four (4) target audio files attached. When it is time to assign the test to a particular class, for example students learning to speak French, the language setting on the assignment is set to "French". When those students take their French exam they will hear the French prompt played. The very same test can be assigned to students learning to speak another language, like German. The German assignment is set to “German” and class will hear the German audio file played.

Looking For More?
Uploading files the OWL Test Management System is as easy as dragging and dropping them from your computer. If you like more details on how to upload media files in the OWL Test Builder, please watch this brief tutorial.