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Updated OWL Tutorials Now Available

Updated OWL Tutorials Now Available

Attention OWL System Administrators this post is for you. If you haven’t been using OWL’s tutorials to help train new users, you should find out what you’re missing. These tutorials are online activities developed by the OWL Training Team. They can be uploaded to your OWL Test Management System (TMS) domain, so you can assign them to your users. Each tutorial comprises a short video followed by a 10-point quiz.

Why you should use tutorials?
This interactive approach is not only an effective way for your new users to learn about the OWL TMS, but also offers our system administrators many key benefits.

Save Training Time - These tools can free you from performing introductory training for new users. They can run the activities from their computer at their convenience. You can then focus your instruction time on the features specific to your particular assessment environment. Moreover, you don’t need to waste your time creating or updating training presentations or handouts. The OWL Training Team has done the work for you.

Build Confidence - If you have new users uncomfortable adapting to new technologies, OWL tutorials can help overcome their fears and build confidence by using the test management system right away.

Monitor Learning - Because the tutorials are assigned to your users in the OWL TMS, you can use the OWL Testing Monitor to see if your they have accessed the training materials. And with the OWL Assessment Table you can determine how well they understand the concepts presented.

Simplify Account Setup - With this approach you can take advantage of OWL’s self-registration feature to have users setup their own accounts and passwords. They will automatically set up in the system as a student and assigned to their first tutorial. As the system administrator, you simply turn on additional OWL features (access to content building, blind assessments, etc) by updating their user profiles to add permissions.


The current list of topics includes:
The OWL Structure, Introduction to Test Building, Creating an Assignment, and The OWL Rater Module. You can assign your new users all the activities or just those that fit that user’s profile.


Sample item from Introduction to Test Building tutorial.


We'd love to hear from you.
We are always looking for new and better ways to get your new users up and running quickly. So share your idea for a new OWL Tutorial. You can also contact the OWL Training Team to be sure you have a complete set of the most up-to-date version in your domain. Just contact us: email the OWL Training Team.