Flight Paths

Feedback Variables

To add OWL system variables (or merge fields) into your feedback template, simply type the variable as it appears below, including the [ ].









The test taker's full name (e.g. John Smith)



The test taker's first name (e.g. John)



The test taker's last name (e.g. Smith)



The student's login user name in OWL. (e.g. jsmith@email.com)



Unique ID for the student generated by OWL.



External unique ID


<a href= "https://webaddress@ domain.com"> visit this website</a>

To add a link to an external website in your template type the HTML code listed here. The specific address can be found opening the desired website in a separate browser window.


<a href="mailto:YourEmail@ YourSite.com">send me an e-mail message</a>

To add a link that allows students to send an e-mail message to a specific address, you can use the HTML code shown here.



The URL to the OWL website. Placing this variable in your e-mail will allow the student to follow the hyperlink to launch the OWL login screen.



The maximum points that were possible for the test.




Adaptive level of the activity.




The points earned on the test.




Examinee Score/Maximum Score



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