Flight Paths

Flight Path

Provide examinees with instructions at the end of their OWL test based upon their score or rating. In addition to offering a feedback such as a description of the examinee's proficiency, Flight Path can include links to other web based activities, tests, and information.

This tool is useful in self-guided online tests, competency examinations, registration, or any other type of situation where a series of test may need to be administered. See {Linking Tests Together with Flight Path}.


Flight Path is only available for automatically scored testing.

For a Flight Path message to be displayed, the {OWL Assignment} MUST be set to "Show Instant Test Results"


  1. Select Flight Paths from the Building menu
  2. Use the Create button
  3. Fill in the Name and Description fields - to find the flight path in the OWL List pages and drop downs
  4. Score Type: Percentage or Points. Choose if the score you are listing in your flight path rows is a percentage of total points or the number of test points the student earned.
  5. Display Close Button at End of Test:
    • Yes - allows the Student/Test Taker to exit the test.
    • No - will not display the close button. This may be useful is when directing to other activities and links
  6. Use Insert button to begin defining your feedback.
  7. Score: This is the minimum score to receive this corresponding feedback.
    • student performance >= score
  8. Level: This is a optional descriptive field
  9. Feedback: Enter what the test taker will see at the end of the test.
    1. If you wish to include a link in your feedback use the <>HTML view
    2. to incorporate and <a href> html tag
    3. To further customize what the individual sees at the end of their test use {Dynamic Feedback Variables}
  10. Click Insert to add the Row
    Continue Adding Flight Path rows for every threshold score using the Insert button (6)


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