Flight Paths

Linking Assignments with Flight Path

  • Using OWL Flight Path, users can link together two online activities
  • All Examinees are registered for Test 1
  • Once Test 1 is complete, the Finish Test Tab includes a Link with a registration for Test 2
  • Optional: The link to Test 2 may be presented based on a performance threshold


Illustration: An organization has a limited number of raters and wants to limit the number of responses to be assessed. Therefore, they will require candidates to pass an initial screening (Test 1) before they are able to take the oral response test (Test 2). In this way, the raters are performing assessments of fewer, more qualified candidates.



Step 1: Build Your Test

  • Test 1 - MUST contain ONLY auto-scored items
    Multiple Choice, Short Answer, Drop Down, Jumble, Cloze

  • Test 2 - Can be auto-scored or human rated


Step 2:
Create an Assignment for Each Test

  • Test 1 - Show Instant Test Results = "Yes



Step 3: Create an Unlimited Use Registration Code for Test 2




Registration Help Page


Step 4:
Build an OWL Flight Path

  • Display Close Button at End of Test = "No"
  • For Flight Path row with cut score include a registration link
    1. Click on the </> HTML editor
    2. Enter <a href="[SYSTEM_URL]AssignmentLink/######">link text</a>
    3. Do NOT switch back to Design view before inserting/updating the row



Flight Path Help Page


Step 5:
 Attach Flight Path to Test 1 using the Test Properties Editor


6: Assign ONLY Test 1 to your Examinees




More Information

This page describes advanced features available premium users of the OWL Test Management System. If you need additional information on this feature, please contact us at OWLHostingTeam@owlts.com.