Item Building

Building Items (Questions)

NEVER put the SAME instance (i.e., tracking #) on a Test or Section more than once. If you need to ask the same question twice, make a copy and place the original and copy on the test.


Items will appear in the appropriate Item List Page whether you create them individually (method 1) or create them while you are building a Test or a Section (method 2).

Method 1: Building Items Individually

  1. Select Building >> Item, then use the sub-menu to select the Item Type
  2. When the List Page appears, click the Create Button
  3. If you need to Edit an existing item, click on the pencil
  4. To view the item in tester, use the Preview control
  5. To copy or delete items, select them with the checkbox(es), then click on the Copy or Delete button.

Item List Page


Method 2: Building Items from the Section or Test Builder

  1. Whether you are building a Test or a Section, select the Properties control for the Section
  2. At the Bottom of the Section Property Editor, select the Type of Item and the Number
  3. Click the New button
  4. To add an Item you previously created click Existing and select the Item from the list.

Section Properties Editor


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