Item Building

Multiple Choice Option Settings and Scoring Variations

The properties editor is launched by clicking on the control on the option as shown below.

Multiple Choice Option Properties


Field  Description (default options underlined)
Correct Yes Click yes to indicate that this is the correct option. In the test builder the first option is automatically marked as the correct one.
  No An incorrect or distracting option

TIP: For ease of test building, some users find it faster to always type the correct option in the first position and then set the multiple choice property to shuffle options      

User Defined

The text entered in the option's text prompt will appear here.

Checked & Correct Weight 1.00 These fields allow the user to manipulate the scoring of multiple choice questions. In most cases their default settings will be appropriate and should not be adjusted.
Checked & Incorrect Weight -1.00
Unchecked & Correct Weight 0.00


Multiple Choice Scoring Variations

The OWL Test Management System offers many possibilities for scoring multiple choice questions. This is accomplished by adjusting the weightings on the multiple choice options. The default state is for the test taker to receive all the item points for a correct response and no points if an incorrect option is selected.

Example 1: Single Select, All or Nothing (default, radio buttons)
Partial credit = No

single select, all or nothing scoringsingle select, all or nothing


Example 2: Single Select, Partial Credit (radio buttons)
Partial credit = Yes

single select, partial credit


Example 3: Multi-select, All or Nothing (check boxes)
Partial credit = No

multiple select, all or nothing 


Example 4: Single select, Penalty for Guessing  (radio buttons)
Partial credit = No

Keyword Required in the Test, Section or Item properties:  \sys:item_scored_weight_floor=none\
Note: in this example the penalty for guessing the wrong answer is 1/2 the item's total points.

single select, guessing penaltysingle select, guessing penalty


Example 5: 2-Part Question (Section)
To create a 2-part question where the test taker must answer both parts of the question correctly to receive any credit do the following:

  1. Create an OWL Section with 2 items using the default scoring options provided in Example 1 above.
  2. Keyword Required in the Section properties:   \sys:item_scored_aggregation=MIN\
  3. Open the Points Editor
  4. Turn Auto Propagation to Off
  5. Set the points on the Section and on each of its constituent Items to the same value

two part question scoring