Media Building


Tips for Uploading Image Files

Images can be placed on Test Directions, Section headers, Items, or Multiple Choice Options

  • .png files are preferred, .jpg files are also accepted
  • Any image should scale correctly if its aspect ratio is 4:3
  • Digital Camera Images are generally too large to be uploaded directly to web pages
  • We recommend using a photo editing program to scale and compress your files before uploading them to OWL.
  • Smaller files that do not have to be resized will improve the browser efficiency of your OWL Test for your examinees.
  • The maximum file upload size is 25 megabytes (MB)
  • It may occasionally take an extra moment to process a file.
  • If your file is not immediately available to preview, please wait a minute and try again.


Recommended Image Sizes


Test Directions

500 w X 375 h


Section Directions

267 w X 200 h


Oral Response Item

400 w X 300 h


Cloze Item

400 w X 300 h


Essay Item

400 w X 300 h


Multiple Choice Item

267 w X 200 h


Multiple Choice Option

120 w X 120 h


Short Answer Item

400 w X 300 h


Image Popout

You can allow your test takers to expand image prompts by opening them in a new window.



Image Enlargement
Help Page


Screen Wide Images

Images can be set to be the entire width of the given screen.

  • Using the expanded image feature may make the image expand off the screen vertically
  • The examinee may be required to use the scroll bars.
  • To create a screen wide image, type the following into the item's Keywords field in the items properties:



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Uploading Media
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