Media Building

Sync Playback Record

  • This feature is for use with OWL Oral Response Items
  • The examinee can watch a video or listen to audio and at the same time talk about what they are seeing or hearing.
  • Use to evaluate a translator's capabilities
  • Test the examinee's ability to narrate what they are seeing in a video scenario.

Sync Property Settings

  • Create an Oral Response Item.
  • Upload a Media (1)
  • Set the following in the Item's Property Editor:
    • Auto Play Media = Yes
    • Nav During Auto Play = No (2)
    • Keywords = \sys:control_flow_synced_rec_media\
    • Response Time - Unlimited
    • Think Time = see chart below (3)



  1. Please note that if your video contains sound, it will be captured along with the test takers recorded oral response. Therefore, the test taker will be required to wear a headset.
  2. In the unlikely even that you want your student to be able to move off the oral response item before the media has completed playing, set the properties for Nav During Auto Play = Yes and Navigation Enabled = Yes.
  3. In all cases, the media playback and oral response recorder will start simultaneously.

    Think Time Setting
    When Playback/Record Starts
    How Playback/Record Starts
    = 0 seconds Immediately Automatically
    = user determined amount After a pause, OR
    During Think Time
    Examinee presses record
    = unlimited Examinee determines Examinee presses record

  4. The test will automatically advance to the next item upon completion of the media, if you want to allow your test taker extra time to complete their response, record some blank space at the end of the audio or video.


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