Media Building

Target Language Audio

  • With target audio language use one test for multiple languages
  • Great for SOPI-like assessments (simulated oral proficiency interview)
  • OWL users build their online test(s) once;
  • Assign target language prompts in a variety of languages;
  • Then use that single test to evaluate all their World language students.

Watch Video

Target Language Audio Video


How to Designate the Language


  1. From the Test, Section or Item Builder, click on the Media Control
  2. Upload or Drag and Drop the audio file from your computer
  3. A popup box will appear, choose the language for the audio file and click OK


Audio Player Behavior

1) User Audio File Plays (if present)

  • Only one User Audio Prompt can be attached to an OWL Item.
  • The User Language Audio will play regardless of the audio file's assigned language.

2) Target Audio File Plays (if present)

  • If there is only one Target Audio, it will play regardless of the assigned language.
  • If there is more than one Target Audio, the prompt that matches the language of the OWL Assignment will play.
  • If there is more than one Target Audio, and none matches the Assignment's language, then nothing will play.


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