Media Building

Uploading Media Files

  • Each OWL Section and/or Item may display: 1 Image OR 1 Video, AND up to 2 Audio Prompts
  • The OWL Test Directions can include: 1 Image OR 1 Video, AND 1 Audio Prompt
  • Each Multiple Choice Option may include: 1 Image

Watch Videos

Uploading Media Video Bulk Media Video


Media List Pages

To see the media that you have uploaded in the OWL Test Management System use the media list pages.

media list pages

  1. Go to Building menu >> Media >> Audio or Image or Video
  2. Preview the file directly from the List Page
  3. To select a file click the Check Box
  4. Export, Share or Delete the file from OWL using the command buttons


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Audio Files
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Video Files
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Image Files
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